• What is Oktopus?

      A cloud-based SaaS platform that brings you Connected Email Insights using patent-pending algorithms. Features like Attribute Analysis enable you to gather multi-dimensional insights on your source, response and click-stream data and the Scorecard Analysis quantitatively and visually measures audience interactions and affinity in near real-time.

    • Are you an ESP?

      No, we are not an email provider. We do not send emails. Oktopus, instead, connects to an ESP of your choice (provided it’s supported) and offers a single sign-on interface to capture, analyze and present campaign reports in a visually rich experience.

      We introduce you to a whole new level of email insights. We take you beyond sent, opens and clicks with Connected Email Insights.

    • What’s with the name Oktopus?

      Contrary to common beliefs, Octopuses are the most intelligent and behaviorally flexible. It’s a name that is apt for a platform that offers a higher level of intelligence with patent-pending algorithms and the flexibility to connect to multiple ESPs. And, no Octopuses were harmed during the making of this product. More about the Octopus on WikiPedia.

    • Why Oktopus? Why not just rely on ESP reporting?

      ESPs offer campaign summary and detailed reports at an individual blast level. Although useful, we believe, we can enhance this level of reporting by taking a more meaningful, practical and insightful approach to the source, open and click-stream data. By looking at email campaign(s) holistically over a period of time across multiple blasts we are able to gather and capture real insights.

    • Do you have any tips for awesome email marketing?

      You bet we do! We’ve deployed a total of 10 million+ emails in the last 2 years. And, having deployed these many emails has taught us a thing or two about email marketing. To help summarize everything, our resident email delivery expert, Wendy Gloyd, has put together a short video on email marketing best practices. Enjoy, take a deep breath and then start creating awesome emails!

    • Is this thing for me? Help me decide.

      Whether you are a self-proclaimed Email Expert, a Marketing Power User, an Analyst or a Marketing Director, if you are responsible for managing and optimizing email campaigns and delivering meaningful insights based on source, response and click-stream data, then Oktopus is definitely for YOU. Imagine what you could do if we could help you identify your fan club or a group of individuals that were potentially at-risk of opting out.

    • Can I use Oktopus on my smart phone?

      While we are making every attempt to make sure that the UI works on your smart phone, there are certain features that we are not able to offer on small screens. So, while you’ll still be able to take it with you and look at real-time summary reports, you’ll find that other features have been deprecated. For now, it’s best to stick with a laptop to experience the full potential of the platform. Near-future versions will include native iOS and Android apps.

    • What is a Connector?

      A Connector is a virtual hook that lets you access your email reports from a choice of your ESP. Each connection to an ESP is referred to as a Connector. While there’s no limit to the number of Connectors you may setup, it will depend on your subscription plan. For now, it’s unlimited. So, go ahead. Knock yourself out!

  • Which ESPs does Oktopus currently support?

    We currently support the following ESPs:

    Campaign Monitor

    Not bad for release 1.0 huh! And, we’ll continue to bring you more. If you don’t see your ESP supported please contact us.

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