Setup Once. Use Perpetually.

Connectors let you access your campaign reports from your choice of Email Service Providers. Setting up a Connector is easy as pie and highly secure. We support best-in-class OAuth2 authentication and we never store any of your credentials.*

* If your ESP uses older forms of authentication e.g. API key and password, we store that info so you don’t have to authenticate each time.

Multi-dimensional Attribute Analysis

Click, Upload, Slice and Dice.

Go beyond sent, opens, clicks and bounces. Identify patterns and get real-time insights on who’s opening, who’s clicking your emails and make game-changing decisions as they relate to Content, Creative, Offer, Subject Line, etc. All brought to you via a patent-pending approach and an interface that’s so easy to use that you’ll actually use it.

Email Scorecard

A Quantitative Approach to Email Reporting.

A patent-pending algorithm that captures and analyzes email interaction data across multiple campaigns over time. The algorithm computes a weighted Personal Total User Score based on an individual’s unique interaction pattern. The score helps identify groups of individuals that are highly engaged, spot opportunities for deepening the conversation or groups at risk of opting out.


Wouldn’t It Be Nice if Everyone Shared.

In addition to presenting all your summary reports under a super-easy super-fun interface that’s Oktopus, we let you distribute and share (or brag!) about those awesome results with your friends and colleagues. Or, if you happen to manage email campaigns on behalf of your clients (like we do), with them too! Just click to share. It’s that simple!

Watch Product Launch Announcement

Jun 11, 2014 at Mass Innovation Nights #63