Born out of forward-thinking ideas to revolutionize the way we consume email reports and make forward thinking decisions. Featuring patent-pending algorithms Oktopus was built to challenge the status quo.

Nirmal Parikh, Creator & Curator

Email Marketing has been Nirmal’s domain expertise for the past 8 years. He’s led the strategy, design and development of email initiatives for both B2B and B2C customers like Mentor Graphics, Check ‘n Go, Western Dental, Loan Depot and Intuit. He’s a strong believer in achieving a better email ROI through data insights and predictive modeling. He believes in the principles of Kaizen and always challenging the status-quo.

Jonatan (Jon) Martinez, Creative Thinker, Developer

A natural born thinker and problem solver, Jon brings alive solutions of all shapes and sizes to life. Programming since his early childhood, he brings a life long passion for breaking through challenges. Being a seasoned gamer has cemented his attitude that nothing is impossible if you put your mind (and a few lines of code!) to it. Born in Argentina and having lived all over the western hemisphere, he knows too well how technology and devices unite a globalized multi-channel always-on world.

Wendy Gloyd, Deployment and Email Best-practices Expert

Expert in the art of email deployment and delivery optimization, Wendy manages the process with a laser-sharp precision to maximize ROI. She’s a master of techniques like subject line optimization, email throttling and managing IP reputation and delivery optimization. She’s managed hundreds of email campaigns and yet never seems to run out of new ideas! More than 12 million emails have been deployed under her expert guidance.